Hey look! It’s bad hair me and a waxy Whoopi Goldberg! And also about an additional 40 pounds.

Oh hi there! Welcome to my blog. Here’s the part where I overshare and tell you all about ME.

Where to begin. I’m an illustrator. I’ve been working as a digital artist for the past 20+ years. I’ve also been freelance illustrating children’s books for the past 12 or so years. Basically that is what I do, all that I do, and then I do some more of it. I live an extremely sedentary life. Add to that no great yearning for the outdoors or exercise, an undying love for those tasty toxic Diet Cokes and an over-reliance on take-out, and well, you can do the math and figure out where it’s taken me.

Off and on through the years I’ve made the effort to change it up and make some healthy choices. A few years ago I joined Jenny Craig and lost about 40 pounds. I didn’t learn much since I was relying on them taking care of the food for me. So once I got thoroughly sick of their food, I went back to my old habits. Then after some fun health drama (bye bye gallbladder) I joined Curves. I really liked it. I was pretty good at working out 4 times a week and I liked checking in with my coach once a week. I learned a lot from them as well as going to see a nutritionist. I lost another 30 pounds.

But the dreaded freelance lifestyle reared it’s ugly head again. When I get stressed from deadlines, I immediately turn back to my comfortable bad habits: take-out and Diet Coke. Hello again those 30 pounds I thought I’d lost.

So now what? I’m 42. I have no energy plus random aches and pains. My digestive system seems to get dodgier every day. At least I don’t have any major health problems…yet. And that sure would be nice to avoid, yeah? Because that is the road I’m on: hypertension, diabetes, arthritis, you name it. I’ve dabbled with making healthy changes before, but they didn’t last. When I sign on somewhere, the minute that program is over, again, back to the old ways. That is where the idea for this blog came from. I need something that isn’t going to go away after a few months. I need to set up a system on my terms that I can keep up indefinitely.

My plans aren’t just about losing weight, although that is the most easily quantifiable part of the deal. I’m also looking to live a balanced healthy life. That includes sleep, exercise, meditation, community, all those things that I allow stress and my freelance career to sabotage. 2015 is going to be a pretty darn exciting year. I’ve got some big plans. I’d love to hear any feedback or comments you may have, even join me with your own goals. How fun would that be?

To a better brighter healthier you and me!





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  1. Maryn I LOVE this all-around approach to improving. I will join you! My goals:

    Exercise 4-6 x week
    Write 15 min/day 3-6 x week; Finish current novel by March 15.
    Mom & Me time 15 min/day with each daughter
    Journal! About myself, my kids, etc at minimum weekly.
    Healthy eating – limit desserts and junk foods in the house for all of us. Make healthier meals.

    • You go Shar! I’m so glad you are joining in!! You are going to rock it!

      Thinking about it all holistically makes so much sense. It makes it so hard to succeed if you ignore one area of your life in favor of another. I’ve ignored a lot of stuff over the years, and it’s all catching up to me now! :) I like your goals a lot, very realistic! My advice though is work your way down the list, don’t try to do all of them this week. Start with one, then when you feel pretty comfortable with it add the next. That way it isn’t so overwhelming that you don’t even start. Let’s have lunch soon!

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