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Today I had my appointment with Tiffany at Mindful Counseling. It was mostly a get-to-know-you, see if it’s a right fit sort of appointment. I think it will be. We talked about what I want out of the counseling and I realized it is going to be a long-term project. I hadn’t quite thought that far ahead. But it makes sense.

My first bit of homework is to pick up the book Intuitive Eating. As I read it I am to make notes, write down how it makes me feel or if I have questions or issues with what they are saying. But essentially the first goal is to quit the whole Diet mentality. Tiffany said she wanted to paint a realistic picture – she has two clients that it’s taken them nine months to let go!  So yeah, long-term deal. The good news is Tiffany said I am actually ahead of the game a bit. A lot of what I’ve learned this past year, and the thinking that I’ve done has laid the groundwork for me. So yay! Go me. ;-) haha!

So that’s about it. Looks like my Blue Apron food has been delivered, so I’m curious to see how that all turns out!


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