'til we meet again. :)

’til we meet again. :)

So here we go. Time to wrap this baby up with post #350! Wow.

I’m still a little torn about putting the blog on hold. I think I’ll miss it sometimes. It’s been a great motivator to keep on track. Even if I wasn’t meeting my goals, it kept me accountable to keep trying. Also, it’s been nice to have a space to keep track of accomplishments and the things I’ve learned. And it’ll be a great snapshot of the past year. Conversely it’s been a bit anxiety-inducing at times. I won’t miss that part. It has been a weird balance of trying to be truthful and share my experiences, but also holding back a lot, not wanting to get too personal. It’s a public forum. Not that hardly anyone reads it or would know where to find it. Regardless, it’s out there and I couldn’t quite be that open. And since the next chapter is more about internal things rather than what I ate, or what new exercise plan I am trying, I think it’s time to keep the journal old-school analog style for awhile.

I’ve learned a lot about what foods work for me, which foods don’t and what my triggers are. I’ve learned that I can actually go outdoors and be active and enjoy it! That’s still a surprise. :-) I’ve learned that even though I’ve learned a lot about what I should be doing to live healthier, I’ve mostly glossed over the reasons why I wasn’t healthy in the first place. Time to backtrack and get to the root of my issues.

I do plan to continue posting Instagrams/Facebook posts, so you’ll see get to see progress. And maybe sometime I’ll come back to the blog. It’s a hiatus after all. The door is left open to come back.

Thanks to everyone who has followed this Year in the Life experiment. I’ve loved your feedback, encouragement and advice. I’m so appreciative. Thank you thank you! I love you all! <3


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    • Thanks! I’m gonna miss this too a little bit. I spent yesterday mentally noting – oh, I can write that for the blog…or that will be a good photo – and realizing I didn’t have to take a photo of my dinner! haha!

  1. Thank you, Maryn…. you have entertained, opened your heart, inspired, and helped us to evaluate our own lives.
    Love you bunches!!!

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